Why We Contain the Universe

July 17, 2017

The deeper we go within, into the depths of our own Consciousness and Psyche, the more we withdraw our attention from the outside world.  The farther within that we dig, the less influence the outside world has on us.

This can be, and I think usually is, a sign of insight and depth of vision.

As insight deepens, consciousness “shrinks”: its focus is more toward the center of one’s being, and the outer “edges” of awareness tend to shrink (or expand) with the range of focus of one’s attention.

It’s not easy to find the center at first.  It’s underneath “stuff”: the burden of unresolved past painful experience and the fuzziness of things we “learned” that aren’t really true.

The burden is called “negativity.”

The fuzziness is called “wrong beliefs.”

Together, negativity and wrong beliefs are called the “ego” or the “false self.”

Negativity and wrong beliefs are also the substance of which attachments are made.

Ego and attachments cause consciousness to be focused on the “surface” of awareness, where Soul and Matter meet to form “flesh”–that is, the body and its needs, desires, and sensations.

Someone deeply asleep in the darkness of ego is deeply identified with the body.

The bodily identity is called the “(surface) personality.”  It consists of bodily characteristics, innate personal qualities, urges, and a name and mailing address.  It also has a social group, usually a family.

The personality is temporary and constantly changing in accordance with experience.

Experience happens on the outside, in the collective dream-reality of society and sensation.  Experience registers on the inside, at the center of one’s consciousness.

The center goes all the way “in” (or “up”), to a more collective or shared version of consciousness.  The collective or shared consciousness at the center of (one’s personal) consciousness is cause, and the outer world of experience is effect.

A “point of consciousness” is a self-aware, aware, or semi-aware being (or object).  A human or dolphin is self-aware.  A dog or amoeba is aware.  An enzyme or atom is semi-aware.

All points of consciousness are “connected to” this central-consciousness database through their own centers of consciousness.  All points of consciousness are points of exchange of information between the inner center of consciousness and the outer world of experience.

What is exchanged is–and must be–information from other points of consciousness, including thoughts and sensations.

This means that when I (consciousness) look out my eyes into another set of eyes, consciousness is seeing itself–from both sides of the interaction.

In every interaction, something is shared.  This “something” is recorded in the centers of consciousness that are present in the interaction.

All the information collected and stored in the ultimate center of every center of consciousness equals the sum total of everything that has ever been experienced in the history of existence.

As experience becomes more complex, there are more unique situations and opportunities for interaction to happen and be “recorded” in the central center of consciousness.  This is one purpose of Existence: to provide a vast array of different kinds of experience.

We can accurately say that the central center of consciousness “knows all.”  A lot of people call this central center of consciousness “God.”

Since it is causative to everything that happens, has ever happened, or ever will happen, it is.  Since it knows all, it is.  Since it is everywhere all at once, it is.  Since it “can do anything” (because it DOES everything), it is.

Right there in the center.  Small as a mustard seed, small as a grain of sand.  Like a tiny candle flame that ever (not “never”) changes but is static.

This tiny center within us and everything else is enormously huge.  After all, it caused and causes everything.

It is everywhere, in everything, unable to be scraped off or squeezed out of anything.

Unable to be sliced in half.

It is huger and grander than the universe we can see or know.  It contains the universe.  The universe exists within it, surrounded and penetrated by it.

It it, we live and move and have our being.  Literally!

And it’s all there, sitting quietly and patiently, being unaffected, always, free for the taking, hidden but accessible.  Inside you.

God. In you.

THIS is why there’s a Golden Rule.  Jesus understood.  Do unto others…because they ARE you.


(“The divinity in me bows to the divinity in you.”)

Written on July 17, 2010, and freshly edited on July 17, 2017

Surrender and Destiny: The Will of God and the Flow of Life

December 23, 2011

D. Vader: “Luke, come to the Dark Side. It is your destiny!”

L. Skywalker: “You don’t know shit, Dad!”

We are all headed inexorably toward our destiny, like water returning to the sea.

Destiny does not mean living up to our potential. We all have untapped potential that we never uncover and use to its fullest possibility; if our destiny depended on doing so, none of us would fulfill it.

Destiny means living out the lives that, from our limited perspective, Life seems to have “planned” for us.

Here are a few possible destinies:

  • raising a future President of the United States
  • leading a revolution
  • dying of alcoholism at a young age
  • writing a series of books about young wizards
  • running over your wife’s cat with a lawnmower
  • making national news because you died in a funny way
  • watching 273 NASCAR races on TV and dying of diabetes
  • winning the Heisman trophy
  • accidentally blinding your child in a fishing accident
  • getting married (and divorced) eight times

In other words, your destiny is whatever will happen in your lifetime. You just don’t know what it is yet!

Whatever we do, whatever we think, however we plan and execute our lives, all of us fulfill our destinies every day, in every moment. At the same time, to a large extent, we choose our own destinies. This is yet another beautiful paradox of Life.

We can kick and fight and scream against the flow of events and experiences in our lives—and if that’s what happens, it is our destiny. On the other hand, we can learn to harmonize ourselves—meaning, primarily, our thoughts—with the flow of Life, accepting and learning from events and experiences instead of fighting them.

If this is the path we choose to take, you guessed it! This, too, is our destiny.

The path of acceptance and learning is the path that leads to peace, enjoyment, and what we call “happiness.” It is the path of surrendering our limited ego-desires to the will of what many people call “God.” The will of “God” is the flow of Life. To this flow we must surrender ourselves. When we do, the Universe starts to harmonize Itself with us. Weird.

Remember, though: we’re all part of the Universe!

Paradoxically (of course!), this path of surrender does not mean that we should resign ourselves to whatever comes our way. If a lion is about to devour you, you do not have to become his next meal! Surrender means learning to understand the way the world works, and what our place is with regard to every thing-else that exists, so that we think, feel, and act rightly—without regret.

Surrender is a process, not an event. It means becoming wise and rising above the things that happen to us, one at a time. This wisdom comes as we realize the nature of Nature, Life, and the Universe.  It comes when we see that we truly are here for a reason, that there is purpose to our individual existence, and that our eventual happiness (perhaps not until beyond this present lifetime) is certain.

This understanding brings us happiness NOW.

It also allows us to let go of our attachments to people, experiences, ideas, and so on (in other words, the dead past or the imagined future), so that we can move on and begin to live better, happier lives.

We are animated by Spirit Itself, to which we are continually nudged from within and drawn from without, by way of the very Universe that so often seems so cruel and unfair. With this understanding, we can relax and let our destiny unfold. As a wild pig once said, Hakuna matata!

(written in 2009)

My Own Theory of Everything

December 7, 2011

The inside (consciousness) and the outside (reality) of humans are mirror images of each other, like inverted pyramids with the Oneness of Spirit on each end. Humans are extra-medium-sized, right in the middle: half of our reality is larger, and the other half is smaller.

It is Perfect.

We are like thoughts in a great Mind or threads in an infinite Blanket. Our individuality is an illusion, but it still matters that we have free will because, aswe choose, the Universe chooses through us (unbeknownst to most of us). There are no mistakes, from that perspective. All is well, despite appearances, feelings, and circumstances.

Everything is a paradox, if you dig far enough into it. For example, there is individual reality and universal reality, and both are equally important and valid.

Creation is like a big fractal image. The same patterns repeat endlessly throughout all of Reality, both physical and beyond—and there’s no destination, no end, no gold at the end of the rainbow. No end of the rainbow! It all just keeps going and going and going. You can’t escape it!

Every end is a beginning, and every cycle returns upon itself. Reality is a perpetual motion machine!

And ordinary human consciousness is only a step on the way. Evolution is the gestalt, the background, the stage, of physical existence. The tip of the pyramid within constantly yearns for the tip of the pyramid without, and that drives the whole damn machine, from inert matter on up to human beings and beyond!

Physical life is a coagulation, or “trickling-down,” of what’s really going on in levels of existence “above” the physical. All we see are effects of what’s really going on in some “place” most of us aren’t even aware of.

Did you ever wonder where your thoughts come from? They come from “there,” from those other levels! When the ancient Greeks had a thought, they said, “The Gods say…” And they were pretty much right!

Death is just a game, a riddle, a veil, so that we use this time “alive” to create high drama and, thereby, every possible condition of physical existence.

It’s all just a Cosmic Joke that the Universe is playing on Itself, and we are the punch line! We are the fools, the stooges, the butts who have no idea what’s going on, because we’re at the bottom, behind the veil.

Somehow, I think this amuses someone, some“where.”

And yet, still I cry for the sick, the broken, the weary, and the dying. Somehow, that’s important in all this. It’s the Oneness “inside” recognizing Itself “outside” and responding to Its own need.

All that I’ve written here is only one small smidgen of a piece of a portion of the truth, whatever it is. And, whatever it is, we can’t comprehend it. It’s beyond mind and logic. Beyond feeling and emotion. Beyond anything we can relate to.

The best we can do is pay fucking attention and let the ride happen. If we try to stop it, we get our arms pulled off.

Fuck it. Let go and let “God.” Or whatever.

Somehow, doing that brings peace, love, laughter, patience, and a lightness of being that allows us to endure and enjoy the life we cannot stop living, even if we want to.

Surrender = Freedom.

Being Led

October 16, 2011

If you go through life with an undying desire to know, learn, and understand about yourself and your relationship to life, other people, and the world around you, you find yourself being led in certain directions.

You’re in a partnership with the Universe: you open yourself with your curiosity, and the Universe responds to this “request” by arranging circumstances that lead you to fulfill your honest and noble desire to reach your fullest potential in this life.

It’s always your choice to respond to each situation as you desire. You might learn this time, and you might not. But the Universe, ever more loyal to you than the dearest golden retriever , will bring you back again and again to the same sort of circumstances until you learn the lesson—which, remember, you yourself requested!

Every path is different, but all who truly allow themselves to be led will share some of the same kinds of experiences in common:

  • strange coincidences
  • “peak” experiences
  • emotional upheavals
  • intuitive understandings
  • severed relationships
  • a sense of being alone or unique among people
  • fascination with religious, spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, or supernatural ideas
  • and so on.

At the center of everyone’s path is a growth in our awareness of ourselves as increasingly more empowered and more emotionally free from the binds of our past, even as we learn more about the intimate relationship we have—all life has—with the Divine Urge behind Creation.

(I don’t mean to ruin the ending, but we’re all connected by the Creative Force of Life—”God”—living and learning through us.)

Someone wise once said to “trust the unfolding of your life.” I would add two things to that advice:

  1. Never allow fear to make your decisions for you.
  2. Watch out for those who pretend to know, without the experience to back up their words.

Above all, don’t worry! Your life will unfold according to your inner nature, regardless of anything else that would appear to influence it. As you need to learn, the means to learn will show up in your life.


October 10, 2011

I used to say, “What a coincidence!” But then I realized that there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

Everything that happens to you in life is a lesson. If you choose to learn the lesson, you move on to the next lesson. If you choose not to learn, you will repeat the lesson as many times as it takes to learn.

The Universe, which we are taught is an immense empty space filled with matter here and there, is much more than that. The Universe—the world around you—is alive, and it knows you. It wants what is best for you, whether you know what’s best for you or not. The Universe responds to you in accordance with your state of mind.

The Universe is endlessly patient with you. (I’ve marveled at this!) There are lessons to be learned, and growing to be done, but your Teacher isn’t in a rush to get you there. Nevertheless, when you are ready, opportunities for learning will present themselves to you. The Universe lines up events, circumstances, and relationships that give you just what you need to learn and grow:

“In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.”

If you learn—if you “pass the test”—then you will be rewarded with a new level of joy and understanding. If you don’t learn, then you will repeat the test, under similar circumstances, in the future:

“To him who has, more will be given. To him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

What we call “coincidences” are not coincidences at all. They’re the Universe’s responses to what you need. Sometimes they’re “signs” that tell you you’re on the right or wrong track.

I don’t know the mechanism involved here. Maybe you transmit signals through your thoughts, like radio waves, that the Universe picks up and responds to. Maybe the universe knows your mind intimately and brings the necessary people and circumstances to you automatically. Maybe your life is an image projected from your mind onto the “screen” of the world around you, so that you in effect create the life you’re living.

Maybe all of these descriptions are valid.

What I know is that life unfolds in keeping with your current level of understanding. As you learn, it gets better. There’s something loving and intelligent that wants what is best for you and works with you to give you what you need in order to grow. (Sometimes it seems like you get what you don’t want, but in retrospect you will see how that event or relationship worked to make you a better person.) This loving and intelligent Thing works through the world around you.

The Universe is alive! And your life is the most amazing thing that you can imagine.

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