Understanding, Power, Freedom, and Wisdom

January 8, 2012

To truly have, possess, and master some thing or experience, we must not want it too much—so much that we feel grief without it. Grief is only the feeling of loss of a perceived part of oneself, and anything we identify with that much is a draw on our energy—a negative, not a positive.

Of course, the best way to have something we do not have is to have a burning desire for it. But we don’t have to identify ourselves with it to the point that we feel loss without it. If we do that, we’ve crossed the line from freedom to bondage, because we’re focusing on the lack of the thing we want, instead of its desired presence.

Freedom focuses on the thing (or not!). Bondage focuses on the lack of the thing. Each is a production of our already-existing understanding, and understanding is power! We focus on a wanted thing because we have power. We focus on the lack of a wanted thing because we do not have power.

The Universe loves us, and It provides us with every good thing, in accordance with our level of understanding. When we understand this, we will be more able and willing to see that our lack of something we want is because of our lack of understanding.  (And with understanding we may well realize that we don’t want it!)

The Universe’s understanding is Perfect. Ours is not.

When we let go of our attachment to the idea of the thing we want too much but don’t have, it will finally be able to come to us—if, without the attachment to the idea, we still desire it!

Understanding is part of wisdom. All things are allowed to the wise person, if those things enhance and enrich our existence, rather than causing us harm or bondage—in other words, if those things are in accord with our inner being, with our True Self.

The Universe graciously withholds from wise people the things and experiences that would bring us bondage, rather than freedom! Those things would cause us bondage if we want them too much—that is, if we identify them with ourselves, which means that we confuse them with ourselves and feel grief or loss with their absence.

If we let go of our unhealthy attachment to these ideas, though, we will allow the Universe to bring them to us—if those things or experiences are good for us. The Universe automatically brings good things to us, to the degree that we are wise (which means “in the absence of unhealthy desires,” because we only have unhealthy desires to the degree that we are unwise!).

The less wise we are, the more “shit” we cause to happen in our lives. The less wise we are, the less we understand what is good for us. The less wise we are, the fewer good things we are asking the Universe for and, consequently, the fewer good things the Universe brings to us!

We get what our understanding allows us to have. The greater our understanding, the greater our wisdom. The greater our wisdom, the better our desires. The better our desires, the greater the good we experience as a result of them.


The Riddle of Male and Female

December 17, 2011

In my experience, there are two kinds of human males: base males andascended males. Base males operate mostly on raw male energy. Ascended males operate mostly on male energy, plus the positive influence of female energy.

(This is not black-and-white, but a graded scale, like a ruler or thermometer. Nothing is black-and-white, not even night and day. There is always gray.)

Ascended male energy is more powerful than base male energy! This power is hidden from base males, though, who must experience it to appreciate it.

There are also two kinds of females: powerful females and females whose power is temporarily lost or diminished because of males. Females are born powerful, but they can lose touch with that innate power if they are harmed by males. (But they can heal and regain it.)

Female energy is the salvation of male energy, to an extent. (I would hesitate to say “vice versa,” but maybe.) Males are not completely lost without females—but female energy holds an important key to a male’s self-discovery and spiritual journey, in my experience. It has to do with emotion and feeling.

Imagine a world filled only with men, no women. In my imagination, the men would form groups based on “power” and domination. Each group would be led by an outwardly “powerful” leader and the men in his group would follow his directions—until he was ousted (killed) by another “powerful” man. The different factions and groups would compete against each other for domination and supremacy:

“Us versus them.”  The base-male directive.

Now imagine a world filled only with women, no men. In my imagination, the women would form groups based on community and cooperation. Each group would be an organic operation in which each woman had her own say in the decisions of the whole. Different groups would relate to other groups in a spirit of togetherness:

“Us with them.”  The powerful-female aspiration.

Keep in mind in each imagined scenario that the men would have NO female influence and the women would have NO male influence.

I don’t like to use imagined scenarios to make a point, but in this case I don’t know that there is a better way to do it. Where is an all-male society, “free” of female influence? The closest I can think of are prisons, gangs, sports teams, and military combat units, all of which resemble my imagined scenario. (Oh, yeah—and look at world history!)

Where is an all-female society, free of male influence? In this male-dominated world, I don’t think women have been so lucky! There are all-female prisons, but I’d bet my next year’s pay that most or all of those women were hurt by base males—or they wouldn’t be there.

Men, when left to their “base” maleness, divide and conquer. Their unspoken motto is “Fuck it or kill it.” (And sometimes both, not necessarily in that order.) With the influence of female energy, though, base maleness can be transformed into ascended maleness. This is not always an easy task, even for a powerful female. We attract levels of power similar to our own, so a powerful female would be likely to attract a powerful male, whether his power is base or ascended. (“Do I like the nice guy or the bad boy? They both like me.”)

Any woman whose mate is a base male has her hands full. At the present time, this means most young women in relationships, since our society tends to produce base males. Men tend to “mellow” (ascend!) as they age—largely because they are partnered with women and raise daughters.

Natural female power can be hidden or even broken by harm from a male at any time in her life, especially if she is a child. This kind of harm has a two-fold negative effect: she hides her female power within herself (to protect it) and she fears male energy (because of its power to harm her). As a result, she ends up fearing her own power.

Harm is by its nature temporary, though, and I suspect that ascended male energy (which, remember, is itself sort of a combination of male and female energy) can help a hurt female to heal and recover the power she has lost. So can other women’s female energy.

Thus, in the context of male-female relationship, powerful females can help base males and hurt females to heal, and ascended males can also help hurt females to heal. Afterward, you have a very powerful couple: a powerful female and an ascended male.

This is one expression of what I call Love. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

(written in 2009)

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