What Is Joy?

September 10, 2011

A life with no Joy is not a life. Joy makes life worthwhile. Joy is a measure of how well you are living. If you are “doing it right,” you experience feelings of Joy, not frustration. Frustration is the opposite of Joy.

Joy comes with realizations, with insights, with revelations of who you are and what you should be doing.

Joy lights your path so that you know your steps are sure. Joy lights your face so that others wonder what you know—and what they don’t! Joy is a beacon to others.

Joy comes and goes. Joy comes in moments of clearer perception and goes when you return your focus to routine. Joy comes more as you grow.

Joy isn’t what cheerleaders have at a touchdown, or what gamblers feel when they win a bet. Joy brings you up, but doesn’t let you down.

Joy is the great green light, the GO signal that tells you you’re on the right path.

Joy is Love’s companion. Love eradicates negativity,  and Joy tells you that it’s gone. Joy is both a messenger and the message.

Joy comes when you open your eyes.

When you feel Joy, you shout, “Hallelujah!” whether you believe in God or not. Rejoicing is a sign of a true spiritual person. Joy indicates spiritual growth.

Shout with Joy, laugh with Joy, bounce and skip with Joy! Joy makes you truly alive…or, rather, when you learn to truly live, Joy will show herself in you.

Joy can be faked, but the Joyful see through the fakery. False Joy is a very sad sight. It’s also a sign of someone who doesn’t get it.

Open your eyes and you will know Joy. You will rejoice!

(Written in 2004 and freshly edited on December 19, 2016.)

What Is Love?

September 9, 2011

Love is all-important. It’s our main goal in this life. Love is perfect. Love is what we call good, though it can appear to be evil. Love is everything.

Love isn’t possessive, or jealous, or self-serving. Love lets the beloved be free. It encourages interaction with others. It seeks what is best for the beloved.

Love is it. When you have Love, you “get it.” Those who don’t have Love are lost and ignorant—and they love to think that you are lost and ignorant.

Love doesn’t change shape or rise and fall like the tide. Love doesn’t condemn. Love doesn’t lie, hide, or pretend. Love has no disguises. Love is always sincere, open, and honest.

Love doesn’t discourage or beat down. Like an upward draft, Love drives the beloved to be better, to be happier, to try—and even to make mistakes. Love pushes toward learning and growth.

Love and change are closely related.

Love is life, death, pleasure, pain, birth, old age, birds and bees. Love is creation, sustenance, and destruction.

Love accepts, and doesn’t demand. Love is steady, and flexible.

Love begins inside and grows outward. It never begins outside and comes inward. That’s not Love. That’s dependency, control, or fear. Love grows within you and you bestow it upon everything and everyone around you. If you Love and you meet another who has learned (or hasn’t forgotten) Love, it’s a magical meeting.

Love needs a beloved, an object—but it also doesn’t.

Love doesn’t try to hold the beloved to you. Love lets her go to seek Love within herself, understanding that it’s the only way. Love rejoices if she returns.

Love cries with the hurt, laughs with the happy, contemplates with the pensive—and hates moneychangers in the temple.

Love doesn’t tolerate cruelty. Love engulfs it, thwarts it, avoids it, or escapes it at the right moment.

Love rescues the forlorn: it can be given to another as a primer, as when you prime a pump to make water start to flow. The Love in you wakes up the Love in others.

When the beloved sees Love in you, your Love gives her faith—faith that Love is indeed real.

Love has no fear at all. Love trusts that everything will be okay.

Love destroys everything negative within you—little by little.

Love is as good as it gets.

Love is the background against which we measure our success in Life. How much Love do you have? Does it emanate from your eyes, your fingertips, your smile? If you have it, you know it, and so do others. Some—those who neither have nor understand Love—fear and hate you. They fear you because you possess the one weapon that can destroy the false ideas they have set up in their minds. They hate you because they don’t understand you.

Love makes you take a good look at yourself and clear out the garbage.

Love brings understanding, freedom, peace, trust, and kindness. It destroys ignorance, bitterness, fear, and greed.

Love and forgiveness are closely related.

When at last you Love, you have made it.

Blessed is the one who meets another with Love already in his or her heart.

(Written in 2004 and freshly edited on December 19, 2016.)

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