Hello Again (A Love Note)

November 28, 2016

(This is a note to me from my True Self, but it applies to all.)

My dearest,

No one on this Earth loves you like your mother loved you. Even she didn’t love you like Spirit loves you. Why shouldn’t you love yourself the same?

Spirit is the guiding Force, Love, and Intelligence behind the Universe. The Universe can seem to be cruel and unforgiving because of where you are. In the end, though, if you look to Spirit to provide everything you need, It will reach you. It will reach out to you through the Universe, and through your own inner self.

You are draped in love and cradled in forgiveness. You are here! And you live. You make mistakes, you learn, and you conquer the wrongness within yourself. That is right, and it is good.

You are doing what is best for you to do, and that is best for the All.

Who wouldn’t love you for such a thing?

And yet, even if you didn’t do these things–and you don’t do them perfectly yet anyway–you would still be Loved.

What do you want for your children? To be held down and miserable, because of something they did in the past, still suffering even after they saw their error and went through the agony of correcting themselves–alone?

Would you want your children to live in guilt and unforgiveness because some other person doesn’t see the good inside them?


You would want your children to move forward and step into new light and a new, better way of living. You would want them to have endured suffering, pain, and hardship so that they could earn an even greater and happier existence because of it.

You would want to see your children thrive.

You are the child of your mother. You are the child of the Universe. You are the child of Spirit Itself. You are beloved. You have no need to go on in misery, doubt, and self-blame.

No one who loves you wants this for you.

Why can’t you see this? (The ego talking.)

Don’t listen to the ego. Listen to the truth: you are worthy of love and you are worthy to be loved.

You carry love within you and it is your right to share it with the world around you. If there is a part of your world that does not accept your love, withdraw it, remove yourself from that negative influence, and focus your love where it can grow and produce more love.

Where is that?

It’s all around you. It’s everywhere. Even people who don’t know you well have given you their support and encouraging words. If they can see your goodness, how much more will someone who truly knows you see your goodness?

Do not limit yourself to satisfy some long-lost directive given by someone with lesser understanding, long ago. You know what is best, and you know what to do. Step out, in faith, and let go. Remember, you have wings! You will fly.

How do I stay positive?

Focus on the positive in your life and eliminate the negative. Change whatever you have to in order to live well. Free yourself from the chains that you allow to bind you! You have that power. You know it.

And remember: you are loved, no matter what.

So, my beloved, Hello! Welcome to the Universe again. You are welcome here, and there is much help to guide you along the way. You have no need to fear. You need only take the first step from where you are.

Do not let that which matters most drown in the puddle of that which matters not. There are mountains to be moved. Move them!

Hello, and welcome back.



(January 9, 2009)


You Have Permission: A Message of Love

November 10, 2016

Today, right now, as you read or hear these words, you have permission to be as you are.

You have permission to be hurt, and to resent whoever hurt you. You have permission to heal when you’re ready to let it go.

You have permission to feel worse than you want to feel, or think you “should” feel. You have permission to smile, laugh, dance, and be excited when you feel good.

You have permission to make mistakes, and to look at mistakes you’ve made in whatever way you want. You have permission to kick yourself for your stupidity if you want, or to take the wise way instead and learn from your ignorance.

You have permission to love me, hate me, talk about me behind my back, admire me, think I’m crazy, wish I were different, and wonder why I’m this way. You have permission to realize that your mental image of me isn’t who I really am anyway.

You have permission to believe what you want, to try to convince me to believe it, to believe something bad will happen to me if I don’t, and to learn the lessons that your beliefs will eventually bring you. You have permission to believe I’m talking about your religion, even though I’m not.

You have permission to think what you want, say what seems best to you, and do what you think is right or wrong or good or bad or none of the above. You have permission to be free–to live as you please. You have permission to see that we are not competitors in life, whether we believe we are or not.

You have permission to look down on others. You have permission to see starving children and do nothing. You have permission to pass by people who ask you for help, even when you’re able (but not willing) to help. You have permission to gather all you can for yourself, so it can control you while you live and teach you its real value when you die.

You have permission to believe you have all the answers already.

You have permission to be confused, to cause problems for yourself and others, to see the error of your ways (or at least some of them), and to do your best to fix what you’ve broken when your view was fuzzy.

You have permission to be a good Samaritan, a maniac, a solid citizen, a criminal, a child, a victim, and a perpetrator. You have permission to try on whatever hat you want until you find the one that fits. You have permission to change hats as you desire.

You have permission to grow rich, to go broke, to create, and to destroy. You have permission to experiment with your mind and your flesh. You have permission to do what you think is right, or what you believe to be wrong.

You have permission to play hooky from work.

We are here, you and I. We live and we die. You have permission to live. You have permission to die. You have permission to live first, or to die first–whichever you choose.

You are powerful in ways you don’t understand. I do not condemn you for being who you are, for not being perfect, for doing things you regret, for lashing out at yourself or others in the fog we all live in. I applaud you for your strength and courage in the face of adversity, and for your willingness to get up when life knocks you down.

Even so, you have permission to stay down as long as you think you have to. You have permission to be imperfect. You have permission to repeat hard lessons as many times as it takes, until you learn them.

You have permission to wake up, to see light in fog, and to stop doing whatever you feel bad about doing. You have permission to rebel and take the power that is your own. You have permission to live as you choose, no matter what “they” say you “should” do.

It is only when you feel free that you really become free. In reality, you already are. You have permission to realize your freedom. All good things follow. You have permission to live in goodness.

You have permission to rise up and walk, or to lie on your cot and let others carry you around.

You have permission to be what you believe you are. You have permission to throw guilt away.

You have permission to enjoy who you are, whoever you are, for as long as you are. You have permission to change at any moment, for any reason.

You have permission to realize who you really are–a son of man, a daughter of woman, a child of humanity, begotten of God in the truest sense of the word.

You have permission to be awake! Or to stay asleep.

Who am I to grant permission? No–the question is: Who is anyone to take it away?


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