MY Truth, YOUR Truth, or THE Truth?

There is Truth and there is not-Truth. Not-Truth is not necessarily LIES, but it is falsehood.

There’s even “your” Truth and “my” Truth–but these are also false if they are not TRUE. The only “my Truth” and “your Truth” that is actually true is my or your perspective on THE Truth.

If what I claim as “my Truth” is not true to begin with, then it’s not a perspective on Truth at all. It’s just what I’m choosing to see, whether it’s true or false.

One’s perspective can be true, or it can be false. It’s just a point of view. But if one isn’t looking at Truth to begin with, then one can hardly claim one’s perspective to be one’s (or anybody’s) “Truth”.

But many still do. In fact, most of the time when people say that a perspective is their “Truth”, I’ve found that perspective not to be true at all! If one SEES Truth, there’s no need to call it “my” Truth.

It’s just the Truth.

It would be true for the person to simply say what their “Truth” really is: their opinion. Opinions are not Truth, even if we say they are, even if we climb them and conquer them and plant the flag of Truth in them.

A rock is not bread just because a person claims it to be, and one cannot really “plant the flag of Truth” anywhere. Truth is self-existent and self-evident to anyone who wishes to see it.

One does not create Truth by declaring that something is “true”, even if only “for” him- or herself. Truth does not exist only for certain people, and it doesn’t transform itself according to either people, perspectives, or opinions. It’s simply there, and either one SEES it or one doesn’t.

Truth is OBJECTIVE. It exists apart from any one (or anyone’s) point of view. One’s perspective of Truth, though, is SUBJECTIVE. It exists only in and from one’s own point of view.

These can and do exist together.

However, one’s opinion (or, indeed, falsehood) is also SUBJECTIVE–also existing in and from one’s point of view. The mere fact that an opinion (or falsehood!) can be transferred from one person’s point of view to another does not make that opinion OBJECTIVE, though.

The transference of a SUBJECTIVE viewpoint (whether one’s Truth or one’s falsehood) from one person to another requires the act of BELIEF. This is not the same as perceiving Truth from one’s own perspective, which requires NO belief.

One does not BELIEVE Truth, except by accident, because Truth is DIRECTLY perceived, with no middleman or intermediary involved–just the SUBJECT (point of view) and the OBJECT (Truth perceived).

Two people who both see their own perspectives of Truth have no conflict in their views because there is, and can be, no conflict between “my” Truth and “your” Truth. Truth is One!

But LIES are many.

When a person in conflict falls back on the claim of “my Truth”, rather than pointing to OBJECTIVE Truth, beware! If you cannot see Truth yourself, you may end up believing LIES instead.

9 Responses to MY Truth, YOUR Truth, or THE Truth?

  1. theoxherd says:

    Mr. Baxter,
    I have read your article, “The Narcissists Playbook”, which in turn led me to this post. In the first, I agreed wholeheartedly with your description of the predictable behavior of narcissists, and have often tried to describe that uncanny similarity to the symptoms of a disease: the fever (unquenchable, unnecessary anger), the cough (uncontrolled impulsive insults), the ache (desperate or abusive language to acquire”supply”), the bad feeling of being sick (a subconscious understanding that they are not like others); and the sweats (their compulsion to avoid detection through lies and cheating). The symptoms are so regular in appearance that they cannot be mistaken for any other condition…unless it is part of a more serious sociopathy.
    In this post, you have taken a courageous stand on the subject of truth. I have lived among narcissists my whole life, and recently ended a forty year friendship with someone who insisted that they could make up their own truth (“If you tell a lie enough it becomes truth”; “fact and fiction are the same thing”; “we all have our own truth”; and my favorite: “it’s easy to manipulate someone…all you have to do is lie to them”.
    As a person who has struggled to make sense of a world that uses the golden rule as a template for abuse, I admire your effort and clarity on a very, very murky subject.

    • venbaxter says:

      Thank you for your well-reasoned and encouraging comment.

      I see two divergent forces or movements in (American) society. One is towards awareness of Narcissism (and Narcissistic abuse…and recovery). The other is towards extreme subjectivism and evasion of personal responsibility.

      In the latter (and more popular) movement, the ability to discern Truth is itself under attack. So I see the subject of Narcissism as both a way to clarify the search for Truth and a counterbalance to a rather Narcissistic popular social tendency.

      • theoxherd says:

        I agree, and sometimes fear that narcissism and sociopaths in general seem to be on the ascendancy…much like they were before World War II. As Edmund Burke said: “All it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
        Perhaps we have a second chance…by healing ourselves to oppose the enabling of the disordered.
        As you mentioned…there is a choice.

      • venbaxter says:

        You said: “healing ourselves to oppose the enabling of the disordered.”

        That’s exactly right. There’s no point in trying to change a Narcissist–or even to “oppose” Narcissism.

        Focusing on the enablers, and THEIR healing, is (in my view) the best defense against Narcissism.

        Narcissism cannot exist without enablers, and knowledge of Narcissism is the first step towards the healing (and empowering) of enablers…which I believe is the antidote to Narcissism, or at least its effects on the rest of us–and our children.

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  4. Isaac Kalder says:

    Does this mean that I don’t have to respect any body’s opinions, or feelings, because opinions, and feelings are automatically falsehoods?

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