My Life, in a Nutshell

My Life, in a Nutshell

I am conscious, creative Energy, currently focused (limited) in this physical environment in order to experience, in this unique way, the effects of my inner mind values; to learn whatever lessons I can from these experiences; to decide(based on my experiences) what kinds of experiences I prefer; and, through my preferences, to increasingly experience life in accordance with my nature.

I am focused here by my own choice! Everyone else is, too—from humans to animals to vegetables to minerals to atoms to particles and waves. We are all connected on the most basic level, experiencing existence together consensually.

All of us human beings experience life in accordance with our understanding of our own inner makeup and are able to change that makeup in order to “improve” our experiences, i.e. to have experiences in accordance with our inner being as it changes in response to our experiences.

Is there a goal to this life, as described in this way? Yes—to fulfill desire. In order to do that, we must—I must—decide what is desired.

What do I desire?

I want to live a life of whimsical genius. I want to endure and overcome challenges to my beliefs, abilities, perceptions, and security. I want to rise above difficult circumstances, unscathed. I want to learn and understand that which matters most—to me. I want Love in all directions and companionship when I desire it. I want a balance that includes solitude.

I want to immerse myself in life fully, sucking the juice out of its fruit. I want health, strength, and endurance. I want peace. I want to be free from negativity. I want to be powerful. I want to create and express new ideas to others in speech and writing. I want wisdom. I want great sex, frequently.

I want to use all my talents, skills, and abilities to the fullest, leaving this place with a full belly of Life!

(written in 2009)

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