Understanding, Power, Freedom, and Wisdom

To truly have, possess, and master some thing or experience, we must not want it too much—so much that we feel grief without it. Grief is only the feeling of loss of a perceived part of oneself, and anything we identify with that much is a draw on our energy—a negative, not a positive.

Of course, the best way to have something we do not have is to have a burning desire for it. But we don’t have to identify ourselves with it to the point that we feel loss without it. If we do that, we’ve crossed the line from freedom to bondage, because we’re focusing on the lack of the thing we want, instead of its desired presence.

Freedom focuses on the thing (or not!). Bondage focuses on the lack of the thing. Each is a production of our already-existing understanding, and understanding is power! We focus on a wanted thing because we have power. We focus on the lack of a wanted thing because we do not have power.

The Universe loves us, and It provides us with every good thing, in accordance with our level of understanding. When we understand this, we will be more able and willing to see that our lack of something we want is because of our lack of understanding.  (And with understanding we may well realize that we don’t want it!)

The Universe’s understanding is Perfect. Ours is not.

When we let go of our attachment to the idea of the thing we want too much but don’t have, it will finally be able to come to us—if, without the attachment to the idea, we still desire it!

Understanding is part of wisdom. All things are allowed to the wise person, if those things enhance and enrich our existence, rather than causing us harm or bondage—in other words, if those things are in accord with our inner being, with our True Self.

The Universe graciously withholds from wise people the things and experiences that would bring us bondage, rather than freedom! Those things would cause us bondage if we want them too much—that is, if we identify them with ourselves, which means that we confuse them with ourselves and feel grief or loss with their absence.

If we let go of our unhealthy attachment to these ideas, though, we will allow the Universe to bring them to us—if those things or experiences are good for us. The Universe automatically brings good things to us, to the degree that we are wise (which means “in the absence of unhealthy desires,” because we only have unhealthy desires to the degree that we are unwise!).

The less wise we are, the more “shit” we cause to happen in our lives. The less wise we are, the less we understand what is good for us. The less wise we are, the fewer good things we are asking the Universe for and, consequently, the fewer good things the Universe brings to us!

We get what our understanding allows us to have. The greater our understanding, the greater our wisdom. The greater our wisdom, the better our desires. The better our desires, the greater the good we experience as a result of them.

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