My Own Theory of Everything

The inside (consciousness) and the outside (reality) of humans are mirror images of each other, like inverted pyramids with the Oneness of Spirit on each end. Humans are extra-medium-sized, right in the middle: half of our reality is larger, and the other half is smaller.

It is Perfect.

We are like thoughts in a great Mind or threads in an infinite Blanket. Our individuality is an illusion, but it still matters that we have free will because, aswe choose, the Universe chooses through us (unbeknownst to most of us). There are no mistakes, from that perspective. All is well, despite appearances, feelings, and circumstances.

Everything is a paradox, if you dig far enough into it. For example, there is individual reality and universal reality, and both are equally important and valid.

Creation is like a big fractal image. The same patterns repeat endlessly throughout all of Reality, both physical and beyond—and there’s no destination, no end, no gold at the end of the rainbow. No end of the rainbow! It all just keeps going and going and going. You can’t escape it!

Every end is a beginning, and every cycle returns upon itself. Reality is a perpetual motion machine!

And ordinary human consciousness is only a step on the way. Evolution is the gestalt, the background, the stage, of physical existence. The tip of the pyramid within constantly yearns for the tip of the pyramid without, and that drives the whole damn machine, from inert matter on up to human beings and beyond!

Physical life is a coagulation, or “trickling-down,” of what’s really going on in levels of existence “above” the physical. All we see are effects of what’s really going on in some “place” most of us aren’t even aware of.

Did you ever wonder where your thoughts come from? They come from “there,” from those other levels! When the ancient Greeks had a thought, they said, “The Gods say…” And they were pretty much right!

Death is just a game, a riddle, a veil, so that we use this time “alive” to create high drama and, thereby, every possible condition of physical existence.

It’s all just a Cosmic Joke that the Universe is playing on Itself, and we are the punch line! We are the fools, the stooges, the butts who have no idea what’s going on, because we’re at the bottom, behind the veil.

Somehow, I think this amuses someone, some“where.”

And yet, still I cry for the sick, the broken, the weary, and the dying. Somehow, that’s important in all this. It’s the Oneness “inside” recognizing Itself “outside” and responding to Its own need.

All that I’ve written here is only one small smidgen of a piece of a portion of the truth, whatever it is. And, whatever it is, we can’t comprehend it. It’s beyond mind and logic. Beyond feeling and emotion. Beyond anything we can relate to.

The best we can do is pay fucking attention and let the ride happen. If we try to stop it, we get our arms pulled off.

Fuck it. Let go and let “God.” Or whatever.

Somehow, doing that brings peace, love, laughter, patience, and a lightness of being that allows us to endure and enjoy the life we cannot stop living, even if we want to.

Surrender = Freedom.

2 Responses to My Own Theory of Everything

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