Inward and Outward

To focus “inward,” into the mind, emotions, and beyond, is to focus “outward.”

We are accustomed to thinking of the inner and outer aspects of Life as separate: the mind, emotions, and so on are “inside” (or a part of) our self, and we visualize these non-physical parts of self as contained within our bodies. Likewise, the world we can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste—but which is not connected to our own nerve endings—we think of as being “outside” of ourselves.

This incomplete perception is a product of “five-sensory” thinking, up to and including the scientific mindset. In the five-sensory view, we begin with the visible body as the basic unit of function and then we categorize and divide the rest of reality in relation to it. This process seems to be a natural and expected result of having evolved from (apparently five-sensory) animals. This is only an incomplete mindset that understanding will reveal and correct as humanity grows in our ability to discern, identify, and explain the subtler regions of experience: the realms of existence that we consider to be “non-physical.”

Might it be that the physical aspect of Reality (including our physical bodies) is only the most obvious effect of a mainly non-physical reality, which our five senses can only point to or hint at, but never discover and describe?

To go inward, within the individual mind, is to go outward, as it were: not into physical reality per se, but into the dynamic, invisible fields of awareness whose reaches extend beyond the physical and which lie beneath—and determine—physical experience and expression. In this way, the inner and outer worlds of reality are mirror images of each other.

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