Being Led

If you go through life with an undying desire to know, learn, and understand about yourself and your relationship to life, other people, and the world around you, you find yourself being led in certain directions.

You’re in a partnership with the Universe: you open yourself with your curiosity, and the Universe responds to this “request” by arranging circumstances that lead you to fulfill your honest and noble desire to reach your fullest potential in this life.

It’s always your choice to respond to each situation as you desire. You might learn this time, and you might not. But the Universe, ever more loyal to you than the dearest golden retriever , will bring you back again and again to the same sort of circumstances until you learn the lesson—which, remember, you yourself requested!

Every path is different, but all who truly allow themselves to be led will share some of the same kinds of experiences in common:

  • strange coincidences
  • “peak” experiences
  • emotional upheavals
  • intuitive understandings
  • severed relationships
  • a sense of being alone or unique among people
  • fascination with religious, spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, or supernatural ideas
  • and so on.

At the center of everyone’s path is a growth in our awareness of ourselves as increasingly more empowered and more emotionally free from the binds of our past, even as we learn more about the intimate relationship we have—all life has—with the Divine Urge behind Creation.

(I don’t mean to ruin the ending, but we’re all connected by the Creative Force of Life—”God”—living and learning through us.)

Someone wise once said to “trust the unfolding of your life.” I would add two things to that advice:

  1. Never allow fear to make your decisions for you.
  2. Watch out for those who pretend to know, without the experience to back up their words.

Above all, don’t worry! Your life will unfold according to your inner nature, regardless of anything else that would appear to influence it. As you need to learn, the means to learn will show up in your life.

One Response to Being Led

  1. Eileen says:

    Amene and Amene.

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