10 Ways to Increase God’s Power in Your Life

The values that follow are not just a listing of nice-sounding qualities that I think someone should have to be a “moral” person. They are parts of a process whereby someone—anyone!—can move from a position of darkness (or ignorance) to a position of light (or understanding).

If followed, these suggestions (along with other tools that will be given or acquired along the way) can lead human beings to greater understanding and spiritual awakening. These steps aremore or less in the order that they must be practiced in order to advance on the spiritual path. Some of them come largely as a result of your practice of the others.

1) Honesty. You must be willing to see and accept Reality as it is, not as you were taught that it is, and not as you think it should be.

2) Humility. You must be willing to accept and admit that you are wrong (because you are in some ways that you might not be happy to admit).

3) Responsibility. You must not blame others, including your parents or other early caregivers, for your condition. You cannot fix it unless you have the power to fix it. You cannot have that power if you assign it to others, which is what you do when you blame (a person, or condition, or circumstance). Other people can never use that power anyway! You have to do it yourself.

4) Receptivity. You must make yourself open to intuitive guidance. Your intuition is the voice of God speaking within you. Learn to identify it and follow it. You can learn to be in touch with God at all times!

5) Determination. Once you have decided on a course of action, you must not give up! But you should always improve your methods if you learn new information or better ways. (See #4.)

6) Patience. You must allow the unfolding of your life in due order and timing. It doesn’t happen overnight. As you grow, you will see yourself as the beneficiary of patience from the Universal Presence that guides you. This can enable you to be more patient with yourself, and with the Presence that works in all things for your good.

7) Humor. You must be able to see the lighter side of things! Many of us have the idea that life is a deadly serious matter, to be deliberated and secured in any way possible. Relax! When you realize that you are an eternal being, you will be able to laugh at things that used to give you anxiety attacks.

8) Love. You must learn to see yourself in all things in your experience. This includes people, animals, plants, and even nonliving things. Unbridled destruction is not a manifestation of love. True craftsmanship is. Cruelty is not. Care-giving is. Whatever you’re experiencing, your mindset brought it into your experience and thus it somehow proceeds from you. To deny or contradict your own experience is to deny or contradict yourself. If you don’t like your life, change yourself! Learn to Love and you will find Love flowing back to you through the previously mentioned people, animals, plants, and even nonliving things.

9) Service. You must eventually learn to serve others as God has served you. As a human being, you are a representative of the most evolved—and therefore most Godlike—species on the Earth. (Okay, maybe except for dolphins.) Help others along the path, as you yourself have been helped.

10) Trust/Faith. You must understand that the Universe is on your side. Nothing happens without purpose behind it. All events tend toward the greater good of everyone. Many times, a negative experience is a lesson to be learned. Determine that you will learn it—so you don’t have to repeat it, or something essentially (in essence) the same as it.

Keep these ideas in your mind and you will bring God into your life. In reality, of course, God is (and is in) everything, including you. What really happens, then, is that these ideas bring your conscious mind to the place where it can recognize the workings of the Divine in your own life.

Then you will know that you are indeed resting in the bosom of God, each moment of your life.

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