What Is Reality?

Reality is what you believe it to be. This doesn’t mean that whatever you believe is true, though. It means that whatever you believe to be true will be shown to you to be true in your own experience.

In other words, as much truth as you are aware of will be the amount of truth you experience in your daily life.

For example, if you believe you’re not good for much compared to other people and that you can’t run ten miles, guess what? You’ll find that you’re not good for much compared to other people and you can’t run ten miles. Your self-limiting belief will be your reality. Someone else’s more or less limiting set of beliefs will constitute their own reality. We see by the amount of light we shine. And where does our light come from? From our True Self within us.

In truth, the only thing in this life that can or does limit you is your self-concept, the collection of beliefs about who you are and what you’re able to do. As you shed self-limiting beliefs, you find yourself able to do more things, better, than you could before.

Realization of these truths isn’t a fast meal ticket to whatever you desire, though. Awakening is a process. You’ll be able to advance toward a more powerful, happier, and more successful mindset gradually, as you learn and as your brain “rewires” itself.

To leap from a “disabled welfare recipient with diabetes” kind of mindset to a “king of industry” mindset is possible, but not overnight. What a shock to the system it would be!

If you reach for, and practice thinking, the least-limiting beliefs you currently hold in mind, you will eventually reach a point, a mindset, that you couldn’t reach from where you were before. From that new vantage point, an even better spot will be visible. Remember to cast aside the old beliefs as you outgrow them, though. Conflicting beliefs can result in inaction or worse.

It is important to note here that beliefs are self-limiting. That’s why they’re in a separate category called “beliefs.” If we knew them to be true, we would call them “facts.” Beliefs can also be called opinions, assumptions, arguments, positions, viewpoints, and assertions.

To know what is true, real, and good, we must rise above such illusory bases of reality and learn to know. This means coming to know who you are and what your relationship is to the world and people around you. It means answering, for good, your questions about God and happiness, among many other questions.

Tomorrow I’ll share one way to do it. You could call it my own 10-step program for finding God in your life.

2 Responses to What Is Reality?

  1. venbaxter says:

    Sorry for posting this twice. I left out the title, so it posted to Facebook without the title (even though I entered the title later).

  2. […] who follow this dark influence worship what is seen: the densest, most crude and solid parts of the reality we occupy: material objects. They chase shadows and rejoice in illusions. The essence of evil is the lack of […]

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