Scratching an Itch: Conscious vs. Unconscious Learning

When some part of your body starts to itch, you have two choices: you can wait for the itch to stop, or you can scratch it. Life is like this. In every moment, you are faced with two choices: wait for your itch to stop, or scratch it.

What is the itch I’m talking about? You tell me. It’s the thing that nags you as you try to go to sleep at night. It’s what makes you feel anxious when you think about the future. It’s whatever is keeping you from feeling good at any given moment.

I’ll put another way. We’re all here ultimately for the purpose of learning and using what we’ve learned through our life experiences to improve ourselves (and thus the world) in some way. We’re going to learn, and we’re going to get better—eventually. Since you’re here to learn, you have two choices: the unconscious way of learning, or the conscious way of learning. Either way will get you there, but one is much easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

The unconscious way of learning is the hard way. It’s trial and error. If you choose to learn this way, you will learn your lessons directly but slowly, because you’ll only be using your five senses to interpret physical events that happen to you. This is probably the way you’re used to learning because it’s the way learning is taught at this time in history, and in America we were nearly all taught that way. It’s the way of science, skepticism, and nihilism.

The conscious way, on the other hand, is much easier. It’s the fast track. Learning this way means learning to use your “sixth sense,” your intuition, or your “voice of God” inside. You’ll be open to a Source of information and insight beyond what you can see/hear/smell/taste/touch. You’ll be able to receive guidance and make decisions based on an Intelligence higher than the one you’re used to using. This is the way of the Spirit, enlightenment, and possibility.

When you choose to trust the Universe, or God, or whatever you wish to call it (and it doesn’t matter what you call it), to teach you the lessons you need to learn in life, you invite a power beyond yourself to assist you. You will notice people and events coming together in situations that give you the opportunity to try out your newfound power of choice. You will see how lessons are repeated if you don’t learn them—and how they’re repeated over and over again until you “get it right”—just like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day.

Don’t think this power is only for you or your church or your countrymen. Every human has access to the Divine mind and will. You just have to want it and pursue it with patient determination and passion until you reach It. That’s how you scratch your “itch.”

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