Life and Death

In a way, life is only an interruption of the state of being that we call “death.” Living bodies are animated by Consciousness while they are alive, and at death that Consciousness continues without the body. A similar thing happens in our dreams: we are conscious, we interact with other people in an environment, and we think it’s completely real while we’re “there.”

My view of death is that, when you die, your spirit (with your memory of experiences from this life) will be rejoined with itself. The spirit that animates your present body is the same essence as the Spirit that animates all life. At death, this Spirit is released from the vantage point of your body, which it occupies in order to live and interact with other life (meaning “with itself in other disguises”).

At some point, you (as spirit) will rejoin everyone and everything else, and you (as a currently diminished form of the Universal Spirit yourself) will share in all the experiences that have ever been had. (From the viewpoint of Spirit, this is a current event and ongoing process, always occurring NOW, while all forms of Itself live in the space-time world of flesh.)

If you live in the flesh again, it will be without memory of the experiences you had in this life, just as you now have no memory of any “previous” life before your birth. Your character, nevertheless, will be changed—improved—because of what you’ve learned from all your experiences, in whatever form you lived.

At death, you don’t really “go” anywhere. You change. You’re released from limited perception and limited understanding. I see death as just like waking up from a dream. When you “wake up” (die), you realize the unreality of the experience you just had, even though you remember that it seemed real and you still carry the understanding you gained from the experience.

Imagine an ocean, with lots of little waves on top of it. Now imagine not being able to see anything below the top half of each wave. You would see a lot of separate little waves, but nothing between them or connecting them. Life is like that. We only see the waves now, but there’s an entire ocean outside our limited view, and we are a part of that ocean. We are waves.

Does the wave continue when it drops below that line? Yes, but not as a wave. It partakes in the entire ocean.

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