Love and Your Life

Whatever you see “out there,” in the world you interact with, is a reflection of something within yourself. Love in you produces Love in your life. Same thing with hate or any other mindset.

The world is only dominated by negative values like hate because people don’t understand what’s going on here. If they discover the source of the negative in themselves, Love will spring forth in their lives automatically.

Love is what’s left when you take away the bad stuff.

Love is fulfilled in the world only as people, one at a time, discover it within themselves. When you find it for yourself, you won’t see hate dominating the world, even though other people will because they remain in their old mindset. Love always wins in the end, because in the end Love is all there really is. Everything negative is only a corruption or distortion of that basic value.

You can right wrongs because Right (Love) is all that really is.

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