The End of Suffering

Suffering is a sign of wrong thinking. If we correct our thinking in a particular case, that particular suffering will stop. For example, if I really want to stay with a certain woman but she ends the relationship, I will suffer as long as I desire that relationship. When I accept its end, though, my suffering will stop.

(This is an example of why the Buddha said that desire causes suffering.)

The end of suffering brings a new experience: understanding. We suffer because we don’t understand, but understanding frees us from suffering—and then that suffering leaves our experience.

You know a lot about yourself if you understand what makes you suffer.

2 Responses to The End of Suffering

  1. paperplane says:

    Very true. The unknown makes us suffer. Once understanding, or enlightenment is reached, suffering stops.

  2. […] experience that living consciously is good (leads to freedom), while living unconsciously is bad (leads to suffering). Anyone can test this statement against their own […]

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