Why I’m Here

Most people don’t have any idea why they’re here, or what they should be doing—and most don’t appear to care about either question. Instead, they spend their time pursuing material things, or pleasure, or being ineffective because of contradictory notions they’ve picked up from other people who also don’t know what they’re doing here or why.

These questions are what I care about most in life, and I’ve spent more time pursuing their answers than I’ve spent doing anything else. As a result, I live a life that is basically free, happy, peaceful, and enjoyable. My relationships with people around me are good and they continue to improve over time.

There is much wrong in the world—much undeveloped potential in people—and every bit of it is because of people’s ignorance about themselves, other people, and their relationship to the world and people around them. People are simply full of wrong beliefs, ideas, opinions, and impressions about life.

I am here to learn what very few people care to learn for themselves, and to share what I know and understand with as many people as I can. Eventually, many people will understand what I and others like me have been trying to tell them and the problems that have plagued the world for eons will begin to disappear.

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