I appreciate the view that the universe is a collection of random events and probabilities; that the universe itself is a random event. There’s something, though, that I recognized as a kid, but couldn’t put into words then. (It’s not that easy to state even now.)

Of all the quadrillions of interactions between particles and forces and waves in the world, why is it that some of them register? I am aware of things that happen and have happened, but why am I aware of them?

Why do they register with me? Why is there an “I” to know events? What is it?

A near-eternity of events transpires in the universe, and I am aware of almost zero of them. But I am aware of an absurdly minute piece of them. Why? Why is there something here to observe anything? And what the Hell is it?

When I ask “why” here, I’m not just posing a philosophical question. I’m asking: what is the mechanism by which anything at all is observed and remembered, and where does it come from?

You can put atoms together all day long without making something that has awareness of its surroundings and learns from its experiences. Awareness is its own proof of something deeper than the material—call it what you want.

(Written in 2005 and freshly edited on December 19, 2016.)

5 Responses to Awareness

  1. lunafelici says:

    This why is what’s leading humanity forward, even though we’ve kind of lost grip on what it is that’s leading us… But on this question I think we’ve got to raise the status for “spirituality” against science to get an answer. And maybe come up with a new word for it that isn’t so loaded with bullshit.

    • venbaxter says:

      True. In the analytical, left-brained, objective world of science, what is its intuitive, right-brained, subjective equivalent?

  2. paperplane says:

    Oh wow…think of it as 2% of the population, are those who ‘know’. You’re one in the ‘know’. And understand, that you don’t have to explain it. There are some things that words are not needed to describe. But a feeling, and an experience. I’m a firm believer of science, and this too is scientific, but not everyone is ‘aware’.

    When did you write this piece? How long have you ‘known’?

  3. venbaxter says:

    I wrote it about five years ago, as my new life was unfolding. I felt a purpose in what I was doing, with the intention to share my insights with others, to give a sort of map or leave a stepping-stone trail that might help somebody on their own path.

    There are still hundreds of these to post, all the way to the present day. 🙂

  4. paperplane says:

    Looking forward to all of them.

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