When I Die

Even when I die, I shall live…not as I, because he will be dead. But, though I be gone, the real I, which pervades All and never dies, lives on in all beings–so that I continue to live in all beings.

I will live their experience as they live, breathe, and move. I am and will be them, too.

I will be the caterpillar crawling on the dew-covered leaf. I will swim with my fellows in the blue waters of the Caribbean. I will crawl through caves, blind, where light never reaches. I will experience childbirth—both natural and “modern.” I will die on the battlefield (again?).

I will know love, hate, and sorrow. I will be rich and I will live richly. I will live a tragic life, dead before I’m grown—at my own hand.

I will experience, through All That Is, Life—in its full intensity and meaning.

All That Is is in me, living through me, connecting me intimately with all of Life. Call it Brahman or God or Life or All That Is; it’s the same. It’s One.

It’s you and it’s me. Can you see it?

(Written in 2004 and freshly edited on December 19, 2016.)

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