Life Is Patient

Life is so very patient with us. It offers the solution to a problem, a chance to be free of a habit or negativity, over and over again. It never tires of nudging us, patiently, toward our own good life.

We usually don’t listen. I almost said that we don’t hear, but I think rather that we’ve gotten used to stifling the quiet, gentle voice from inside us—so much that we pretend not to have heard its subtle advice.

Life speaks to us in events, too. We are offered the chance to take a step forward in health or understanding or happiness by bringing together people and circumstances that speak to us of our present trouble and, perhaps, hint at the improvement that is ours to choose.

Is life so patient with us because it knows that the eventual outcome for us is our own good? Does it offer us the same advice or reward over and over again with one eye to the foreseen future, seeing that one day we will be free from that particular oppression?

Does life simply enjoy the act of offering help, regardless of whether we accept it or not, simply taking pleasure from the act of giving? Or, like us, has life chosen to forget itself to take part in the unfolding human drama, the outcome of which is temporarily hidden from its view?

One thing appears to be certain: Life loves us. Life is our friend. If we listen to it and heed its quiet warnings, it will lead us to become better people. (“Better” means happier, more aware, more at peace, more loving, wiser, and healthier.)

Life always has the ability to shine a problem right in our face, too–like during a crisis, illness, or loss. Maybe at such times it has become critical for us to come to an understanding of a particular problem.

And, of course, life always offers a solution, if we are willing to hear it. The choice is ours to make.

(Written in 2003 and freshly edited on December 19, 2016.)

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